Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Made To Crave, but crave what?

If you've been on again/off again all the latest diet fads.... or you've been CONSTANTLY trying to lose weight, get healthy, or just figure out where you need to be going.... this book is for YOU!
It's for me, too... because I'm right there, too.
Lysa TerKeurst has been BLESSED with an amazing personality! She is full of life, personable, and makes you laugh! But God has also blessed her with a way of words, and she leaves you knowing that she totally gets it, too. Right off the bat, in the introduction, she mentions how it's now the "how to" that she's missing, it's the "want to". I KNOW what I'm suppose to do, but I'm STILL struggling to achieve it. I am so thankful that she wrote this book- not because she has it all figured out- but because she has struggled way too long with HER food choices and weight!
Yeah, me and Lysa could be best buds here! Beachbody workouts and nutrition plans are definite how to.... and I know HOW TO do them. But that want to, well, sometimes it's a little less easy for me to do. I consistently workout, but the food overtakes me. Sometimes. Often times. Too many times.
And that's why I picked up this book to go through. Lysa mentions in the introduction about how the issue was how she was feeling- mentally, spiritually, and physically. And oh, how true that is. She talks about spiritual malnutrition and let me tell you, that hurt. But it is so true. I absolutely love the comparison that she draws regarding the rich, young ruler (Matthew 19) and me. Jesus was telling this man to give up the one thing that he craved more than Jesus..... and the young man couldn't do it. He couldn't give up his riches. But like Lysa points out, the riches was what one person craved more. For her- and me- and many others- we crave food more than Jesus. And if it isn't food, it's popularity, money, and how the list can go on.
I love the fact that she ends the introduction by reminding us that we were made for so much more. What an AWESOME reminder that is! We were made for MORE than fighting the cravings of junk food, more than weight gain (or loss), more than any of this wordly stuff.
Recently, Casting Crowns new song REALLY struck a chord with me.... It really hits home.... Listen to it, really listen to the chorus. "Shine like the sun, make the darkness run and hide. We know we were made for so much more than ordinary life. It's time for us to more than just survive. We were made to thrive!!!" 

It's time! It's time to crave God and not everything else. It's time to THRIVE!!!!
Who's with me??? Look for a future post about chapter 1.

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