Friday, August 22, 2014

Nutrition.... It's pretty important!

If you remember from my previous blogging days, Trim Healthy Mama and The Maker's Diet were two guides that I have enjoyed following- when it came to food and nutrition.
I'm pretty particular about what I consider "healthy", and while not everything in Trim Healthy Mama is something I agree with, the general principle and meals are pretty good! I'm not ready to fully incorporate E and S meals, but I am ready to start taking some of their meal suggestions and make them fit!
One thing that I really like, though, about the Beachbody workouts I've been doing is that each one has a nutrition guide! They all line up with clean eating, but with many things, there are some variations and "less than clean" options. You really have to know what you believe and why and then stick with it!
I have found that the nutrition guide that comes with the PiYo Workout is super easy to follow and stick with. It's been a huge key to my success!
In the guidebook, you start off by figuring out your calorie target. Very simple to do! Once you've done that, you figure out which of the 4 plans fit that target. For instance, if you are suppose to eat between 1600-1800 calories, you would choose plan C. Each plan tells you how many servings of primary veggies (spinach, okra, eggplant, etc...), secondary vegetables & grains (sweet potato, almond milk, oatmeal, etc...), fresh fruit, lean protein, and healthy fats you are allowed! The following pages in the guidebook even break down what a serving is considered! SUPER easy!!!

I've discovered that protein is highly important and should be eaten throughout the day. Using the PiYo plan for a base, you are easily able to find recipes in Trim Healthy Mama (like the cabbage rolls or Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad) and it definitely lines up with the Maker's Diet

I like having multiple resources- even if I pick and choose what I use!
Bottom line.... if you want to be healthy, you've got to eat healthy... And if you want a slimmer belly, you have to really watch what you eat because no amount of situps will help! Abs truly begin in the KITCHEN!
Eat your veggies- lots and lots of them! Incorporate them into as many meals as possible!
Eat your lean protein! Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, tuna, you name them!
Watch, but don't avoid, whole grains, fresh fruit, and healthy fats! You don't need to OVER DO IT, but you don't need to flee from them either! A little almond milk or a piece of toast, a serving of rice, avocados, coconut oil, or apples and bananas still contain nutritional value that you NEED!
I like to drink Shakeology once a day- whole food meal replacement that contains over 70 ingredients with tons of vitamins and minerals! I know that my diet- even on the best of days- don't contain all the healthy stuff I need! Not only does Shakeology help me reach my healthy food quota, it gives me energy, helps me avoid the junk food, and helps with digestion! And trust me, Shakeology is very natural and both The Maker's Diet AND Trim Healthy Mama approved! No artificial junk! REAL foods! SUPER foods! Very naturally minded!
So tell me.... how's your nutrition? What are your favorite nutritional tips?
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The Mama Behind the Story said...

Oh cool!! I was just looking at PiYo a couple of weeks ago! I don't think my postpartum body is quite ready for it, but in a few months, I plan to give it a shot!


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