Thursday, August 28, 2014

Setting Goals & Achieving Them

I won't lie.... I haven't always been a goal setter. Sure, I've talked about future things that would be neat to do, but they weren't really goals. Why? Because in order for it to really be a goal, you have to be doing some action steps to achieve them.
I have four areas in my life that I have set goals and am trying to do things daily to reach them.
They are for 1) home education, 2) personal health and fitness, 3) family and 4) finances
And me being such a visual person, I actually took a poster board and some Sharpies to write down my goals in each of these areas.
These poster boards are also located in various locations of the house.
Let me be clear... These are your goals. They can be whatever you want them to be, but if all you are going to do is write it down, it will never get done!
First, brainstorm your goals! Think about things that really matter- to you! And write them down! You don't HAVE to do a poster board, but it can be a little fun!
Second, figure out what steps you have to take to achieve that goal! Another brain storming session! One of my goals, for the home education part, is to include more unit studies and Science experiments. That's all well and good, but if I don't actually decide on a unit study or experiment, actually schedule it into our lessons, and gather any supplies that we need- it won't get done! Just like on my personal health and fitness one, if I want to become certified in one of the workouts and all I do is write that goal down, it will never happen. I actually will have to continue to lose weight, do the workout I want to be certified in, look up when the certification happens, save the money, and make a commitment to do it!
Whew! Sometimes it seems like a lot of work to reach a goal, but if it is really important to you, it won't matter.
Having family goals are also a great way to grow closer to your family! Involve everyone on the brainstorming session! If you want to have x amount in savings, or take a special vacation, or have a family night once a month- write it down and then take those steps to make it happen!
Live life full. No regrets!
Do you set goals? What are some of your goals and how are you going about reaching them?

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Madame Dream said...

I agree, setting goals is important. My goal list usually comes in the form of a to do list. There's something so rewarding about checking it off. Great post.

I've also nominated you for Liebster Award. Its a way for us new bloggers to share with our readers. You can check out the details here:


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