Monday, September 22, 2014

Is Shakeology REALLY all of that!

What is it?
It claims to be the healthiest meal of the day. It also claims to be delicious, nutrient-dense, and super-food packed.

But is it really all of that or is it just some sort of hype?
Well, before we begin, let me be honest with you... I am a Beachbody coach and so you may think that it's my obligation to tell you how amazingly awesome this product is, right? WRONG!!!! I always want to be 100% honest and that includes products that I may be connected with. So....
Let's start with talking a look at the ingredients.

As you can see from the above picture, the "claim" of nutrient-dense and super-food packed is absolutely CORRECT! Rarely do we eat as many fruits and vegetables as we should- even if we are eating a super clean diet. Food should be our fuel and that's exactly where Shakeology comes into play. We can't fuel our bodies by eating sugar-laden junk, we can only fuel our bodies by putting the optimal foods into it! For a lot of people, though, that's easier said than done. See, for me, I live in a small town... with even smaller grocery stores... and even the grocery stores that are bigger and better that are 45 minutes away still leave a lot to be desired. There isn't a whole lot of variety around. The meats aren't grassfed and organic, I can't find raw milk, and the produce section of the grocery store is just average. None of them have a big selection of organics. I do the best I can, but it still leaves gaps in my diet. And I won't get started on the "splurges" that I'm still working on. Shakeology can help fill those gaps. And those super foods? HA!!! Yeah.... like they are any where around me! In addition to the super-foods, Shakeology is packed with vitamins and minerals and these come from WHOLE FOODS!!! This isn't your typical meal replacement shake that is full of FAKE ingredients. Nope, these ingredients are all readable, WHOLE foods! More than 70 superfoods, super-greends/phytonutrients, crucial proteins, essential amino acids, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, good carbs, and low in fat, Shakeology really does fit that nutrient-dense, super-food status! Which would pretty much guarantee it to be THE healthiest meal of the day!
But what about the other claims?
-Is it tasty?
-Does it help someone lose weight?
-Can it increase energy?
According to Amanda and many others, Shakeology absolutely helps you lose weight! But why? Well..... it helps be reducing your cravings and it helps you stay full! When you are putting THAT much GOOD stuff into your body, you aren't going to feel those hunger pains as quickly as you do if you eat a donut. And in my personal experience, it absolutely helps with stabilizing blood sugars, reduces cravings (MY experience!), and helps me feel full. And it's super convenient for a busy mom like me. I can start my morning off right and knowing that it helps me stay on track for the rest of the day. 
I can easily make up my Shakeology and get ready to do math with the kids.... or I can take it out the door with me. I have noticed a HUGE increase in my energy since drinking it practically every day. And my digestion is SO much better, too! It's been an amazing change to my life- and I'm not just saying that!
But what about the taste.... Is it REALLY that tasty?
Remember when I said I wouldn't lie.... that I would be honest with you? Well, here goes...
The first time I tried Shakeology..... I HATED IT!
The second time I tried Shakeology..... I HATED IT!
The fifth time I tried Shakeology..... I HATED IT!
But wait! Stay with me.....
Heather, my Beachbody coach, wasn't the first person to send me samples of Shakeology. See, I have ALWAYS been interested and passionate about healthy living... and I could tell that Shakeology fell right there in the midst of it. I WANTED to like it- I mean, hello?! Do you SEE the nutrients crammed into it? I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to like it. But.... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I tried it.... I HATED it. I truly couldn't stand the taste.
Even at the VERY beginning of my journey with Heather.... I HATED Shakeology. I tried it (for probably the 10th time!) about 5 months prior and hated it. Still. Why I kept trying, I DON'T KNOW! But I remember asking Heather to send me a sample of vanilla about 3-4 months ago... The only flavor I hadn't tried yet.... I was hopeful. I mixed it together.... I held my breath. And I drank it.
Now.... truthfully, I didn't LOVE it, but it was drinkable! I was STOKED!!! Why? HELLO!?! Haven't you been listening?! Because it is CRAMMED FULL WITH HEALTHINESS!!!!
So when I signed up for my first challenge pack with Beachbody, I confidently signed up with vanilla Shakeology! And I drank that almost daily for the first month.
And you know what? Over time.... the taste actually became (gasp) enjoyable! I mixed it with fruit, I mixed it with sunflower seed butter, I even mixed it with coffee! And I started seeing RESULTS!
Well, while I was waiting for my order to come, I actually had a few more samples sent my way.... and one of them was chocolate. I decided I would try- one more time. And seriously, I liked it. I REALLY liked the chocolate with some frozen strawberries added. So after my first month of Shakeology was finished and it was time to order again, I switched to chocolate.
And since then.... it's been love!
I truly do enjoy my daily dose of dense nutrition- simplified!
And the cost? Well, you get over the cost when you see that it basically comes down to $4 a serving and you start to feel better when you're drinking it. It's like a giant vitamin that does (can) taste great! And really.... you can't put a price on health!
So there you have it.... my honest review of Shakeology!
Interested in trying it for yourself?
The Taste Sampler contains 4 single-serve packets of Shakeology (1 Chocolate, 1
Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, and 1 Greenberry), and the Vegan Taste Sampler contains 2
Chocolate Vegan and 2 Tropical Strawberry Vegan packets for $19.99. Let me know if you're interested?
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Pamela said...

So interesting. I have an aversion to anything remotely like a milkshake. I just cannot get it down. What I have done is make it with water and blend it with crushed ice. I could use the energy! ~Pamela

Erika said...

Yes, have you tried Shakeology before? Ice and water is definitely a different texture, but I drink mine similar to that instead of milkshake-y!


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