Monday, September 29, 2014

Take Back Control From Sugar

Sugar is bad. Evil. Addictive. Yet, it is something that most people use. Every. Single. Day. We give it to little kids. Big kids Teenage kids. Adults. Heck.... I even give it to my hummingbirds. White sugar. Fruit. Sugar in the form of cakes and cookies. Icing. Mmmmm.... Icing. High fructose corn syrup. Maple syrup. Honey. Agave. Coconut. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.
Studies have shown that sugar is really addictive- and I believe it. Any time I give myself a little bit it isn't long before I have given myself a lot. And it doesn't end.
Yet, I think most people are afraid to be radical and end the sugar trend. Sugar isn't sweet. Sugar does damage. Sugar can cause obesity... Sugar can cause health problems. People know this. I know this. But it doesn't change.
Sugar is SO addictive. SO powerful. That it is in control. Everywhere you look there's sugar.... candy bars when you check out... Several choices of pop, juice (even 100% fruit juice has high sugar content- even though it is natural), flavored coffee, energy drinks, and more assault you in the store.... but there is just a small selection of water. Why? Because the sugar is appealing. It's deceitful. It can convince you that a little bit won't hurt, but it does.... Because it never is a little bit.
We give our kids candy after candy after candy. This event, that event, just because.
We pour sugar into our coffee, we grab from the candy jar, we can't make it without sugar.
BUT..... we really do need to get a grip. Because sugar is killing us. Slowly. Surely.
We don't need sugar in our lives and it's time that we find ourselves a support system and cut it out!
No.... I truly do not believe you need to cut out natural sugars like honey or maple syrup 100%, BUT..... and this is a big BUT.... I don't think you need them EVERY SINGLE DAY! Use them SPARINGLY. Same thing with fruit. Not talking about excluding them, but being wise with them!
I am speaking to myself.... The amount of JUNK.... SUGAR.... that I have bought for myself or my family lately is downright EMBARRASSING....
You know what? I don't want to be responsible for diabetes in myself or my family. Obesity for myself or my family. Cancer for myself or my family.
Maybe it's time to be radical....
Who's with me? Who is ready to step up and do something drastic.... to save ourselves.... and our family?
It's time to take back control and put sugar in it's place....


Angie Abella said...

Yes, sugar is very addictive. I love honey, fruit (fructose), and molasses personally. But, if used in moderation it's not bad. Honey and molasses make wonderful proofs for yeast when baking, and you don't get the sugar high, as it's only 1 to 2 tbsp per batch. Honey in tea or coffee is a nice treat. For those of us who are extra sweet, we have to watch sugar and carb intake in general, whether the carbs are from sugar, starchy veggies, bread, etc. The item itself, whether sugar, sweets, etc doesn't cause diabetes or obesity, it's our use of it in much more than moderation. It's like money, the object in itself isn't evil or bad, but the love of it is, and its use can be for good or evil.

What are your thoughts on alternatives to the mainline sugars?

Erika said...


Definitely things in the natural form is what I lean towards. But I think you can even overdo those! What alternatives were you thinking of?

Angie Abella said...

The more manufactured, like aspertame and succralose, and the natural stevia. BTW stevia leaves are really nice to chew on. :)

You sparked the researcher in me to go looking into sugar (starting at the cane and beet) and see what comes from where and how it's manufactured. It's been an interesting topic so far. :)


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