Monday, September 8, 2014

Why I became a health & fitness coach

If you know me or you have even seen pictures of me, then you would know that I don't "look" like a health and fitness coach, yet.... if you know me at ALL, then you know that I am one!
What's up with that???
I decided in March that I was (once again) sick and tired of being overweight, unhealthy, tired, and disgusted with myself. I had met a health and fitness coach several months earlier and we started connecting on Facebook. When I was ready, I signed up with her as MY coach and ordered my first program- Turbo Jam by Beachbody. Within two weeks of starting my workout journey, I enrolled as a "coach".
I won't lie. At first, I joined Team Beachbody as a "coach" because I wanted the discount for Shakeology and future workouts.
But just a few months later, after losing weight and inches, I realized that I wanted to do for others what MY coach had done for me- encourage and help keep the focus.
It was then that I decided I didn't want to just be a discount "coach", but I wanted to be a REAL coach. Someone who makes a difference in another person's life, someone who shares tips and tricks that work, someone who encourages others in THEIR weight loss journey, someone who helps give the keys to tone up or lose belly fat, someone who cares.
Yes, I'm on my journey, so no, right now I don't "look" like a coach, but one day I will. Meanwhile, if I can help others, then that's what I want to do.
I mean, come on.... I'm a mom. OF FOUR! I KNOW what it's like to have NO TIME! That was my #1 excuse... ask my coach! But I had to decide that I wanted it bad enough to do something different! In my case, it meant I had to start getting up BEFORE the kids. It was the only time I had. But even if you had NO excuses, we all need personal cheerleaders, right? I'm so glad my coach cheers me on- in every area of my life- and we have became good friends. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT'S ABOUT!!!
So, let me ask you this....

.... Do you need to lose weight? Are you READY to get healthy?

.... Do you struggle with nutrition? Because honestly... it's easy to snack off your kid's plate of mac-n-cheese and Goldfish, but that's no way for a mom to eat. Us moms needs to really fuel our body- so we can function at our best!

.... Do you find yourself wishing you had time (or money) to go to the gym? Who needs a gym! I've lost 30lbs and 25'' by working out IN MY LIVING ROOM! And so can you!
.... Do you need encouragement or accountability? We all need someone.

Can I help you??? Drop me a message at erika_bumgardner at yahoo dot com and we can chat more about your goals!

What Joy Is Mine

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Rachel Belknap said...

You're doing great! When I have the money I would love to try There program out.


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