Monday, October 6, 2014

Made to Crave and my cravings....

Y'all.... I don't have any fancy pictures to go with this post....
Just speaking from my heart...
I finally finished Made to Crave. It took me entirely way too long. I've read it before, but I needed it again. I needed to remember that it's not me, it's nothing I can do, but if I'm going to conquer the junk food cravings, I'm going to have to do it with God's help. Seriously, this book is amazing. There is SO much great information from Lysa in those pages.... Great information and truth. God's truth. Truth from the Bible. I wish I could say that by the time I finished the book I was an overcomer and no longer struggled with food, but the reality is that it's just the opposite.
I still struggle.
Only now I have different options. I can ignore the still, small voice, prompting me to walk away from the bowl of ice cream or the Oreos or the chocolate cake... or I can listen. And obey.
Let me just be very real and honest with you.
There are many, many times that I ignore the voice.
And then I live with regret.
But since finishing the book, I am trying to listen more. I was made for so much more than the guilt that comes when I give in to those cravings, plus, why am I sacrificing my health because of a MOMENT???
This will probably always be an area I struggle with, but at least I have the right resources. I have God's truths that Lysa shares in her book, I have friends and family to help keep me accountable, and I have 21 Day Fix.
Now it's just time to listen.
Do you struggle with walking away from the temptations? I would love to help encourage you along your journey, just leave me a message on how I can further chat with you.

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