Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why Exercise?

Let's face it.... exercise can be.... well...
.....time consuming
But it doesn't have to!!!
Because.... exercise can....
....induce sweat, burn calories, help you lose weight and tone up.... can help you feel good about yourself. Like what you see in the mirror. Be proud!

.....It can make you want to do more.... achieve more.... try for more....

....It can also be contagious.... or at the very least, by exercising you can be setting a good example...
And yes.... exercising can even help you choose the HEALTHY option over the UNHEALTHY option!

Exercise doesn't have to be boring! Find something that you like to do! For me, I love my at home workouts because I can do them on my time frame, from the comfort of my own home, no monthly commute, no monthly gym fee and there's a lot to choose from. I can do PiYo, or strength training, or heart-pounding cardio! Sometimes I like going for a walk, bike ride, or run (which I use that term VERY loosely!). But if you like going to the gym or attending a fitness class- GREAT! Whatever gets you MOVING!
Exercise doesn't have to be time consuming! I have some AMAZING 30 minute workouts that WORK. ME. OUT like some hour long gym sessions! No joke!
Okay.... exercise might be a little painful, but you start to see the difference between bad pain (uh oh- I didn't do that move right) and good pain (Oooooh! Feel the burn!)! Good pain is good!
Exercise can be FREE!!! Hello?! You've got two feet right? You can exercise! Walk.... everywhere. Own a bike? Bike!!! You don't have to have an expensive exercise program or gym membership to exercise, but if you like them- do them! I personally enjoy investing in my workouts- it will be something I have for YEARS! INVESTMENT! Money well spent!
Inconvenient? Only if you let it! I get up early to get my workouts in... but really, it's up to you! Do what works for you, when it works for you!
Just do it!!!
Happy exercising, everyone! What's your favorite way to workout?

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