Thursday, November 6, 2014

How To Have A Fit and Healthy Vacation

My family recently got back from a wonderful road trip to Georgia. It was a state that we had never been in and thought it was a great destination for a fall vacation. Perk of homeschooling, you know.... Vacationing in the off season.
I've traveled a couple of times since starting on my health and fitness journey, but never quite figured out how to stay (mostly) on track. I'm not sure why this one was different- perhaps I was more determined. Here are a few of the things we did to have a more healthy vacation- although it wasn't 100% on track the entire time either.
My first tip to look off the beaten path for breaks. Rest Areas, State Parks, lakes, etc.... all can provide a better stop than a gas station or fast food joint. Fresh air. Nature. Usually less crowded. Sunshine. We packed our first lunch and when we got ready to stop I used my phone to see if I could find any community park or playground for us to stop at. I definitely felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this lake that had a playground AND walking trail! Even if you only have 5 minutes, use that time to walk, run, do jumping jacks, whatever! Just MOVE! When you are at a gas station or fast food place, it's really hard to have room to do that- so definitely see what you find that is more nature centered!
We found this empty HUGE parking lot in the middle of nowhere! Ha! It was next to a river we crossed. So we ate lunch in the truck bed and walked around it a few times!
Tip two would be pack your food as much as possible. I know that packing an entire days food is hard- especially if you have several people in your family- but can you pack at least one meal? One meal and snacks? One meal, snacks, and drinks? We found ourselves stopping at grocery stores more on this trip than we ever had. It can also be a money saver (though not always!). For example, one day we stopped at Kroger and picked up lunch- we really customized our lunch for that day- several goodies, etc... Cost $40. A few days later we went to a different Kroger and spent $40 for two days worth of lunches and restocked our snack supply. It really depends on your goal. The benefit to packing your own lunch is that you know what you are eating and can eat according to your needs! Need more veggies? Buy a bag of carrots. Need some fruit? Grab a few bananas! Dairy free? Find some almond milk!
Sandwiches are cheap. You can also buy pre-put together sandwiches and salads.

I packed some instant oatmeal and found the almond milk iced coffee and grapes at Whole Foods. While the family ate from the hotel breakfast, I ate this.

Most mornings, I just drank my Shakeology.
 It was simple to pack and I even packed my Ninja. It was a GREAT way to start MY day- knowing I got my dense dose of super food nutrition in! No matter WHAT else I ate that day, I knew I had done at least one thing good for myself!
Ok, my next tip is a no brainer. 
Take the stairs!!!
Seriously! I don't care if you have a ton of luggage- work it!!! You can TOTALLY get an all body workout by taking the stairs with your luggage!!! And if you travel with kids, stairs are a great way to get their activity out before having to sit still in the vehicle all day!!!
I've kinda already hit on this tip, but it needs repeating. Walk. Walk. Walk!
Didn't matter if it was a parking lot or not. There was one day that we were finishing lunch (again, in the back of the truck) and hubby was going to fill up the truck The boy and I decided, since we were in the middle of a shopping center, to get out and get some walking in! So we perused the sidewalks and used this time for some MOVEMENT!
We also made it to the beach and I think that was definitely my favorite place to WALK!!!
Part of sightseeing found us by a swamp and even though it was cool, wet, and windy, we walked the boardwalk and made memories!  

And yes, I wore my pedometer every day. Nope, I didn't hit 10,000 steps every day, but I was more aware of trying to get more steps in than if I hadn't worn it!!!
My last tip? Make sure you have some carefully calculated SPLURGES!!! If you enter into a vacation with the intent to deprive yourself, I guarantee you that you will FAIL and either hate your trip or go all out and make many poor choices! So why not have some fun and plan for treats along the way???

This trip was more intentional, more aware, and way more healthy and fit than previous ones! So go ahead, pack a lunch.... park the truck in the back of the parking lot.... and walk!!!
And then go enjoy some ice cream!


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