Monday, December 15, 2014

Just Do It!!!!

Just do it! Didn't Nike make that phrase famous? Well, it's so true! Sometimes, we just need to.... do it!
I'm applying this logic to my battle with food, but really, it applies to any and every area you can think of.
All too often we I want to plan over-complicate things. I want to read all the books, write every detail down, get everything in order, and THEN implement the changes. I want everything to be perfect- the perfect time, the perfect details, the perfect plan.
But let's be honest.....
Perfection does not happen.
When sin entered into the world, perfection ceased.
Back to the "just do it" phrase.....
Instead of planning EVERYTHING.... waiting for the PERFECT moment.... expecting no mistakes or bumps.....
...... we need to just do it!
Here's the deal.
I'm over the excuses. It's time for me to JUST DO IT! Just do the workouts, just do the nutrition plan, just do what is right and what is needed.
Will it be easy? Heck, no!
Will it be worth it? Most definitely!!!
But that means you're I'm going to have to get SERIOUS! Get reacquainted with my goals, my why, my whole reason for doing what I do. I'm going to have to get TOUGH and say no, follow through, and pay attention!
Is there any area in your life where you are struggling at and know you need to JUST DO IT???

1 comment:

Angie Abella said...

You can do it, Erika! Educating is good, but without implementing, it doesn't do a thing for us.

I've learned that one too, and the doing is a lot of fun, and has lots of benefits!


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