Saturday, July 4, 2015

Curiosity & the Devil

Parents, don't think for one moment your precious little child isn't capable of doing that no matter how sheltered you have kept them.... Parents, don't think for one moment that your kid is too young to do that because they would never do it.

I'm speaking from experience here.

Curiosity. It all came down to just being curious.

But that curiosity led a couple of my children down a scary path that they should have never been on. Not at their age. Not ever.

So I questioned myself..... where did we go wrong? What could we have done differently? WHY?

And honestly, I don't have all the answers... I thought we were doing the best we could. I thought that we had protected them from that. But we hadn't.

I want you to understand one thing. The Devil is very much alive today and he is prowling for young, innocent hearts. He no longer has to work hard as evil is out in great abundance.

Parents, wake up and fight for your family! Fight for your children's innocence. Fight for your marriage. Fight for what is right. It isn't going to be an easy fight, but trust me, it's a much needed fight. You see, the Devil didn't have to work very hard to steal some of my children's innocence... and with them being preacher's kids and being raised in a Christian home I thought I had protected them enough. But I hadn't. You see, parents, chances are you are a lot like me.... You think that they are too young to be curious about things like that... But I'd be willing to bet that they probably aren't. It shocked me to my core when I discovered what they had been up to.... but it shouldn't have surprised me.

So please, parents, don't just assume your children are too young..... because the Devil will grab them before you even have a chance if you do.

Here's a few things you can do....

- Install internet filters (Covenant Eyes is great)

- Never let your child have access to the internet without your knowledge (and honestly, it probably needs to be heavily watched.... the Devil is sneaky). I know for many this may be a given, but a child can still search for inappropriate topics *and yes, even access the internet* from apps like Pinterest.

- Never assume.

- Talk often. And openly. About everything. And from a young age. Because no age is too young for Satan. But don't just talk... and don't just give out a bunch of rules. Seek God's direction and His word. Let Him direct your paths. His word covers EVERYTHING- tricky subjects and not!

- Surround yourself with other godly parents who can give you advice, wisdom, and pray for you.

As for me.... I'm using this eye opening experience to fight harder for my family and to open up tough topics with my kids. My family is worth it and I'm not about to give up. Parenting isn't easy. My family will continue to talk.... honestly.... and openly.... as we tackle unpopular subjects of pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, and more.... because Christian families need to step up and start teaching what God's word REALLY says.... or our children will never know. The world they are growing up in sure won't teach them.



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