Friday, July 10, 2015

Ladies, How Intimate Are You?

I'm not talking about being intimate with a guy.... a boyfriend or husband. I'm talking about how intimate are you with the One who created you as His masterpiece.
I'll be the first to admit. I haven't always done so well with having an intimate, two way relationship with my Creator. And it has shown. It shows up in the way I handle situations, react to my family, and even in my physical appearance.
Lately, though, the conviction has been deep and I have been listening. I am in the midst of fighting for my family (against spiritual attacks from the Devil), but I had no idea what all areas that would apply. Apparently, my spiritual walk was one area I needed to fight harder for.
God has heard my cries, though, and He is revealing Himself to me like never before. It is exciting! And scary! Mind blowing! And daunting! Exciting and mind blowing because I'm seeing Him in a different light, scary and daunting because of some of the things He is laying on my heart to do. Stepping up and stepping out of my comfort zone big time! Willing to do things that nobody else seems to be.
Part of that burden is for women and their walk with God. I'm burdened because I have been there. Often. A Christian. A pastor's wife. A homeschooling mama. A woman. I would pray. I would read a verse or two out of Scriptures- if I had time. I would lay in bed each night and vow to do better tomorrow. I would start a devotional book- with good intentions- but seldom finished them. I was a very content Christian. To do the bare basics. To just get by. Nobody would know.
But I knew....
I knew my walk with God wasn't what it was suppose to be. It lacked a deep intimacy, one that would allow me to go beyond survival and into thriving in my Maker!
Ladies, I have some questions for you. How intimate are you with God? Do you do the bare minimum? Are you content to just pray, if that? How much time goes by before you open His Word and spend serious time in prayer with Him? Do you find yourself praying the same thing over and over again- out of habit? When was the last time you felt like something new had been revealed to you during your quiet time with Him? When was the last time you had one on one time with the Lord? How close are you to Him?
This isn't meant to make you feel bad if your walk with God is less than desirable... but instead to let you know that you aren't alone and that it isn't too late to fight for your spiritual intimacy! God isn't through with you! This is worth fighting for! Don't let the devil win... pick up that devotional book and commit to your daily study, prayer daily- but not just out of memory- pray like you are talking to your Best Friend- because you are. Dive deep... and deeper... don't be afraid of what He might reveal.
And if you are struggling, find an accountability partner. Ask your pastor's wife or other godly Christian woman to help hold you accountable to your daily (yes, daily!) time! Ask your pastor to point you in the direction of a good accountability partner- or ask on Facebook. There are women looking to help encourage other women- I am one of them.
Are you working on an intimate relationship with God? What does your current daily study time look like? Are you struggling? Leave me a comment and I will pray for you!

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Raising Samuels said...

I have been here as well. Going to church once on Sunday and then not opening my Bible the rest of the week. God wants us to have an intimate relationship with him. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post with #SocialButterflySunday this week. Hope to see you link up again this Sunday :)

Jenny Evans said...

Thanks for this! Daily prayer and scripture study make all the difference even if they really are small, simple things.

Blessed Mama said...

I really needed this post today. I haven't been as close to my Creator much at all lately, all by my own doing. Thank you for your post.
Thanks for linking up with Grace & Truth - I have chosen to feature your post in the morning.
God bless!
Jenn @


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