Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mothering Masterpieces

I changed the name of my blog.
Not for the first time.
When I began this blog waaaaaaay back in 2008, my focus was just to be able to keep friends and family up to date on what was happening. I think my name was something like HomeschoolingMamax4 or something similar.
Then, I changed it to Slowly Natural and it stayed that way for a very long time. While I do like a heavier emphasis on natural than some around me, that isn't the focal point anymore. And at times, I'm anything BUT natural! (Hey! I'm a work in progress!)
My Facebook page is Journey To Thrive because I've realized that most people JUST survive... but that isn't what we were created for. No! We were created to thrive in Jesus Christ! So on my page I post things about me. A homeschooling, fitness minded pastor's wife who is on a journey to live life at it's fullest while homemaking, being used by God, and growing in Him.
But the blog still had Slowly Natural in the web address and I desired something that reflected my heart now. Not then.
Insert Mothering Masterpieces....
I, personally, love it! And since it's my blog that's really all that matters! HA! But seriously.... Stop and think about it... We are God's masterpiece. Right? He created us new in Christ Jesus... so we can do the good things He planned for us. Right? RIGHT!!! And if we have children then we are ALL parenting masterpieces!
MAN! Totally changes the outlook, doesn't it? I am mom to 4 amazing created in Christ Jesus' image. I am mom to 4 beautiful masterpieces...
So I can keep my blog- and all it's history... and my blog lines up with my Facebook page.
But now I have an appropriate name.
Mothering Masterpieces. What an honor it is, too!

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