Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stepping Up.... and Stepping Out

Ever feel like God is just really working on you? To the point where you can actually feel it? The gentle pressing of the Holy Spirit as you grow and change... as you open your eyes and heart like never before?
Looking back over the last 5 years I can see God's hand at work. In the last 6 months or so, however, I am seeing that God is (and has been) building up something huge in me... and my family. It's scary! And exciting! The gentle pressure to do more... to be more... to serve more is becoming heavier.
God doesn't want me content, He wants me to step up and step out.... and that's what I'm working on doing. Daily Bible time and daily workouts must become non-negotiable. My spiritual fitness as well as my personal fitness must grow so that I can be used to my full potential. I must be spiritually as well as physically fit so God can use me.
I must lead others. My children. My children are depending on me. To set the example that they need. It involves spending time with them. One on one. Daily. Even if it's just a simple hug. Sometimes it may be a chat on their bed before sleep! I try to take a couple of my kiddos out- one on one- a month. Just because. Just to be available to them.
I must lead others. Starting a ladies' Bible study this fall because it is time. It doesn't matter if there is just one other lady or fifty. It's time and I must heed the call.
I must lead others through being an example daily. The way I live my life, the choices I make, and the things I do are being watched. By people I know and people I don't. It is time to step it up and step it out in how I live. It doesn't have to be extreme, but it may be.... especially in this day and age.
Family and marriages are suffering- big time. Everywhere I look I see couples divorcing, both church goers and non-church goers. I see families hurting. Broken. Torn. God is leading the hubby and I to step up and do something about it.  
No..... Now isn't about living in our comfy bubble, but stepping out into the unknown and getting totally uncomfortable with life. God wants us to spend... and be spent. My husband said it best when he was preaching last Sunday. He was talking about tithing, but it is applicable to all of life. He said that the question shouldn't be how much do we need to give God but rather how much do we dare spend on us and our comforts? Think about it.... I was taught that we should give 10% and like many if I gave that 10% I felt like I had done what I was suppose to. What I didn't realize is that the 90% I kept was selfish. There are starving people, lost souls dying and going to hell, orphans, sex trafficking, and more going on all around us..... and we (Christians) are (usually) content to JUST give our tithe and expect the rest to just work itself out.....
But that's a LIE! I cannot do what God wants, if I am content to lead a comfy life. I cannot do what God commands, if all I want to do is the bare basics.
I'm so excited (and very nervous) about what God has in store.... I am ready to be used... to be broken... to be spent....
How is God using you?

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