Sunday, August 16, 2015

Settling Into A Routine

August has been a month of getting settled.... We began our new school year on August 3rd and have (surprisingly) been enjoying it! It's shocking because for soooooo long we seemed to really struggle. Partly because I think I was expecting too much. The Lord has REALLY been working on me in the past year and I truly believe that has carried over into other areas of life- such as homeschooling.

Our 7th year of homeschooling has been like a breath of fresh air. I can't quite pinpoint the exact difference, maybe because the kids are older.... or maybe because we've found curriculum we REALLY like.... or maybe MY heart is different. Either way, I just can't get over how blessed I am.
Blessed.... to stay home with these beautiful masterpieces.
Blessed.... to be able to find curriculum we really, REALLY love....
Blessed.... to do MORE than just teach math, reading, or spelling, but to actually be able to build relationships with them, show them Christ all day every day....
I'm just..... blessed.
I don't care what school choice YOU have decided for YOUR family.... For me, though, being with my children daily is a blessing.
And honestly, it's pretty humbling.
It really isn't about them being able to read smoothly, do arithmetic, or memorizing Presidents. It isn't even the fact that I'm with them non-stop. Goodness, I don't even do that good of a job "sheltering" them or "protecting" them. Their feelings are still hurt by others.... and they still stumble (intentionally or not) upon things that the Devil uses to try to pull them to him. But to know that each day I GET to wake up to my 4 beautiful children.... to see God's masterpieces in action.... is sometimes more than I can handle. I don't deserve this beautiful life I have found myself living, but you can better believe I'm not taking it for granted.
Look at your children, give them hugs, pray for them, and most importantly, be there for them so they can see Jesus when they look at you.

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